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Recruiting and hiring just the right person for a key position is a time consuming process, which can require weeks and sometimes months of placing ads, reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates.  Even when you do settle on a candidate, you may still have doubts about whether you have made the right choice.  The professionals at HR ONE can save you valuable time and take much of the guesswork out of hiring the right person by either performing the entire search for you or by assisting you with specific parts of the process.  We can help you develop accurate job descriptions, determine appropriate compensation levels, recruit qualified job candidates, prepare effective internet postings, write newspaper / trade publication advertisements, check references, negotiate job offers, interview and/or test candidates.

We have helped our clients successfully fill positions as diverse as:

President /CEO
VP of Finance /Controller
Director of Human Resources
Plant Manager
QC Manager
Director of Engineering
Systems Administrator
Sales /Marketing Manager
Customer Service Manager
Bookkeeper /Office Manager
Nurse Practitioner